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My minimal make-up collection

My minimal make-up collection


You may not be aware but I’m not an obsessive fan of make-up and I do not wear a huge amount of it. Call me crazy, but I never wear concealer (I don’t even own one), put nothing on my eyebrows and I never wear eye shadow, although I have an old customized Mac palette which I got at a time when I thought I’d have used it. To be honest, it’s partly because I’m not very skilled at putting make-up on. But either way I really don’t like wearing a lot of make-up. I’m a fan of a more natural look and I feel more comfortable knowing that the people around me don’t have the impression I’ve got loads of make-up on. That’s just me. When it comes to make-up, unlike with skincare, I’m a minimalist. I like having just a handful of products, only one per category, but I want them to be good, high quality and I want to be able to trust them, knowing that they won’t disappoint me.

Here are the ones I’ve used through the last year or so:

I always start off with foundation, of course. The one I have been using through all this year is the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I’m not in love with it, as I was with Chanel Perfection Lumiere, but after almost a year of use I’m satisfied overall with it. Yes, one year. I don’t buy more than one foundation per year and I only use a small amount of it to cover my whole face, usually one pump is enough. I use my hands to apply it, not only because I love the feeling but it also allows me to reach every corner. Added to that, using a brush or a sponge makes you waste a lot of product. Nars Sheer Glow has a medium coverage, buildable if you use more. It doesn’t make me look cakey and is definitely light, although not as light as the Chanel one I used throughout 2015.

It has a “sheer finish” which means it’s not going to be you top choice if you have oily skin. I have the kind of skin that works well with it so I’m happy. Also, it helps a bit if you have dry skin, it won’t enhance your dry patches (which you should try to get rid of anyway) and it will not make your skin feel tight. Of course it’s fundamental that you start with a good base of serum + moisturizer + SPF (serum is optional of course, moisturizer is not!). I then follow up with the Givenchy Prisme Visage Perfecting Powder. It’s a mixture of 4 different shades, but the difference is very light and when you use your brush it mixes all of them. It’s almost translucent, to be honest. I don’t see any change in the shade of my face, luckily. It’s a setting powder that helps control shine, just like most powders. It’s very simple to be honest and it does what it says. The packaging is beautiful – the pictures don’t do it justice!

After the base it’s time to put some make-up on the eyes. As I said at the beginning I use very little make-up. I usually use Make-Up Forever Aqua Eyes pencils because they are long lasting and will not smudge under any condition (tears, sweat, rain, they are amazing!). I have used them for years in different colours and I always buy this brand. My favourite is the classical brown one, brown being my favourite natural colour for the eyes. I use it on my eyelid inside and outside and sometimes even on the bottom lid. But as I said, I like to look natural and effortless. My next step is mascara, something I absolutely love for the difference it makes. I don’t like to spend too much on mascaras. I’m lucky to have long black lashes, they just need to be curled. My favourite mascaras are from L’Oréal. I’m really enjoying this one at the moment and I’ve used all of those from the Voluminous line. They work really well.

After the eyes, it’s time for the cheeks. I have this blush from Sleek which I got in July after my beloved Nars Amour fell and broke. At the time I didn’t want to spend a lot on a new blush, given that they are all pretty much the same in terms of quality, what changes is the colour range and the packaging. This one is the kind of colour I‘d use every day so I picked it and I didn’t regret my choice. I apply it on the apples of my cheeks and to finish off I use some lip balm on my lips.

Et voilà, I’m done. Ready to go to class (or wherever else!). I know you probably expected something more extensive and perhaps a longer list of products. I have been totally honest, that’s what I do.

Let me also recommend the amazing Real Techniques brushes. My blush brush is 4 years old now and it’s in just as good a condition as when I bought it in Oxford. The other one is newer and it’s the one I use for powder (or bronzer, but I don’t use bronzer in winter).

Here’s my make-up routine, do you like natural looks?

Hope you enjoyed it!



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