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My current (realistic) skincare wishlist

My current (realistic) skincare wishlist


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well! I’ve had a very busy January and I couldn’t post as much as I wanted to. Now that I’ve finished my first-semester exams, my goal is to write as many posts as possible over the next weeks and months. But of course, I believe in quality over quantity so I’ll be sure there is a good deal of thought behind each new post.

I had wanted to write this one for a long time; my friend Siobhán actually wrote a similar post at the beginning of the year and I told her I was planning to write something similar.

Now I want to put all of my thoughts together and share with you 10 products I’m hoping to purchase through this year and which fit my budget. A dream has already come true, I got my first two Leahlani products from GreenSoulCosmetics and I look forward to sharing my first impression of them with you.

Caroline Hirons loves it, Tophcam loves it and I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a toner, but if it does more than just toning, I’m willing to spend a bit extra. Plus, the travel-size one is reasonably priced.

I’ve already used this – and I loved it! You’ll find a review here. I miss this product so much and I will repurchase it very soon. Nothing compares, guys, nothing compares.

You may not know this English green brand, but some of my trusted Insta friends love it and so I really want to try their products. This set includes two balms and one cleansing balm.

A simple hydrating toner I’ve heard good reviews of.

A very rich moisturizer I’ve missed during these last few weeks, when I’ve had arid and dehydrated skin. If you want to read my review after using a sample of it, click here.

THE cleansing oil. Pricey, but on top my cleansing oils wish-list.

Affordable and milky, for people prone to redness like me. Ren is a trusted brand and I’m willing to give it a try.

Jordan is lovely, everyone loves his three products and he will launch many more later this year. It’s like buying something your trusted friend has created from start to finish, almost entirely with his own hands. I’m just waiting for the right time and I’m a bit wary of the customs fee, because they only ship from the US.

Just because it includes a mini size of their Miracle Cleanser. I have only smelled it in store but I wanted to massage the white cream on my face. Will I ever do it? The price is a bit of a barrier.

This balm is on my list and I was very close to buying it with my first Leahlani order. I ended up getting the Mermaid Mask and the Champagne Serum. I was undecided until the last minute so I’m hoping to try this one as well in the future.


Have you tried any of these? I hope you enjoyed this post. I tried to stay realistic and didn’t include brands that are completely out of my price range!



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