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Favourite skincare products of 2016

Favourite skincare products of 2016


One of the first blog posts I ever wrote, almost a year ago, was about my favourite products in 2015. I remember writing it but never ended up posting it because I kept putting off opening the actual blog. By the time I opened it – in April – it felt like it was no longer newsworthy!

That said, I absolutely love this kind of post, where people stop to think about the year that has just passed and the products they have loved using. Here are mine. I hope you enjoy reading it.

This is certainly one of my top 3 discoveries. I love it. It’s a great night oil that makes your skin look radiant and feel hydrated in the morning. And it does it for a very good price. Highly recommended. And no, it didn’t cause any breakouts, nor did it clog my pores.

This was one of the best discoveries of 2016. A rich cream cleanser that leaves the skin clean and nourished. This is perfect for people with normal to dry skin and who love massaging the cleanser for a while and removing it with a flannel. The smell is incredible and it is one of the cheapest products you’ll find mentioned on the blog.

I wrote about this mask soon after I bought it (here). Now, after two months of use I can only reaffirm what I already said. This is the “make my skin look glow/healthy/great” kind of mask. It does exfoliate the skin slightly, but it doesn’t sting nor does it irritate. I find that my skin is very calm afterwards and I use it every time I have to go and meet my boyfriend at the airport. That says it all!

The best mask I have ever tried. Soothes the skin and leaves it deeply nourished and calm. My prone-to-redness skin loves it. Read more here.

A staple in my skincare cabinet. A must for dehydrated skin. You need to use a moisturizer afterwards as this gel goes deep down into your skin but needs something to seal it on the top. A pea size quantity every day is enough; it absorbs super fast and lasts for months and months.

Another good hydrating boost. I really like it but it’s completely different from Hydraluron. It has the texture and feel of a moisturizer. I was lucky enough to win 5 of these with a giveaway (first time in my life!). It's quite expensive in my opinion, so you may want to try a sample first or consider cheaper options.

  • Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum | £ 2.50

This is a huge revelation for me. I first heard of it from Sali Hughes (read here). And if you know her, you know that she’s one to be taken seriously, plus she has dry skin so she knows what our type of skin needs. And this £ 2 serum just delivers what it says. It sometimes makes my skin feel like it doesn’t need moisturizer on top (though I still apply a thin layer of it).

A good toner for those who either want to soothe the skin, Zinc is great for that, or get an opaque look. This really works great if you have oily skin to help you get that “matte” look. Not recommended if you want something to hydrate your skin.

One of the cheapest SPF I have tried lately but also the best one. It was love at first sight. Very light, and its moisturising effect makes me think I don’t need a layer of moisturiser underneath. It doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t make my skin look shiny; it also absorbs quite quickly. I was very happy with it.

Just a good toner. Refreshing, hydrating and inexpensive.

I didn’t think I could include a physical exfoliator on this list but this one is just great for when you want to exfoliate your skin before a good pampering session. It’s expensive but if you can afford it, it’s just perfect at doing what it’s supposed to do. It doesn’t leave the skin irritated or red at all; at least that’s what I found.

This is the balm I reach for when I want to remove my make-up while giving my face a good massage. It smells good and leaves the skin soft. As with every cleansing balm/butter, it turns into an oil when massaged on the skin. It must be always removed with a damp flannel, of course.

Last but not least. I absolutely love this moisturizer. This was my second jar of it and I'm sure there will be more. My skin loves it, it's fast absorbing and creates a wonderful make-up base. Suitable for all kind of skin. Full review here.

Have you ever tried any of these products?

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