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My Black Friday skincare haul

My Black Friday skincare haul


Hi everyone,

I was waiting Black Friday with great trepidation, not only because it’s my first BF since I opened the blog, but also because there were a few things I had been keeping an eye on, hoping to get them with a great Black Friday deal.

I was very excited and curious to see what kind of offers my favourite skincare websites would offer. Almost every brand I know offered (and some are still offering) a discount on their product line, some up to 30%, and I didn’t want to miss this chance. So, without further ado, here’s what I got:

From Beautybay.com

As some of you will know, I’m a huge fan of this cleanser which I consider to be one of the best I have ever tried. When I looked at the price I just couldn’t resist getting it, as I knew an offer like this wouldn’t have come around twice. I have a detailed review of this here, but I’m sure most of you already know how good this product is.

I’ve had my eye on this face mist for some time and have seen it recommended by some of the bloggers I trust the most. It’s supposed to refresh and hydrate all skin types. As I’ve said countless times, I don’t expect too much from a face mist but at the same time it’s a step in my skincare routine that I never miss. Even so, I try not to spend much on it. This was the best option, plus everyone who has tried it loves it.

From BravuraLondon.com

This toner has often been dubbed a “Pixi Glow Tonic” dupe and, having loved the Pixi acid toner, I wanted to try this one as well. It contains glycolic acid (in a small percentage, of course) which helps to brighten the skin and in the fading of scars and dark spots. I’m also pleased to help a small brand like Bravura grow and I love how they are offer great chemical exfoliators with a low price tag. I can’t wait to use this on my skin at night for a light daily exfoliation, which every skin needs!

After having finished my second jar of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, I was in desperate need of a new moisturizer to fall in love with. I also didn’t want to spend too much on it, because I believe there’s no point in splurging on a simple daily moisturizer. This one is designed for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, contains a high percentage of aloe vera, is great at hydrating the skin and had the perfect price tag. I will update you soon on this.

This is a gift for my lovely friend Fiona, a very small gift. As the name says, it’s a chemical salicylic acid peeling. I already have one of these but, unfortunately, I haven’t used it often because I rarely have breakouts. If you do, you may want to give this product a try, as so many people have found it to be the perfect spot killer for when their skin is angry.

From VictoriaHealth.com

The yešti collection | £30 £76

When I looked at the price Victoria Health offered for these 3 products together I couldn’t believe my eyes. Considering that Sanskrit Saponins on its own would cost £23, the deal was very attractive. I couldn’t resist. Firstly, I wanted to try as many Niod products as possible, but also the prospect of 3 new face masks was very intriguing. As you may know, if you’re familiar with the brand, their products are just…different from all the skincare products on the market!

As with the Oskia Cleanser, this is a repurchase for me. I didn’t intend to it again, but it was part of the deal and it’s a cleanser I have overall enjoyed using, with some good results. A full review will come soon.

MM is a face mask designed to reduce the size of pores and to “restore their appearance to an ideal state [..] without drying”. It does so thanks to the mastic tree gum which binds to congestion and it’s recommended to be used in the morning, once a week.

MC is a tightening mask to be used once a week. According to the website, the “myrrh gives visible and immediate firmness to the skin” and, quoting one of my favourite bloggers it “leaves my skin looking supremely healthy”, which is reason enough to try this product soon.

I feel like I’m the last to join The Ordinary party, I had followed the launch of this skincare range and really wanted to try something, anything from it! I had wanted to try Retinol on my skin for a long time, but most of the products which contain this were out of my budget. This one was only £8 and, according to some of my trusted skincare bloggers, it just as good as the most expensive ones. This serum, however, does not contain a pure Retinol formula but “two forms of next-generation retinoid” which helps with skin aging, blemishes and improves skin’s texture. More on this soon.

Did you get any new skincare item during Black Friday? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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