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5 products I've been loving lately

5 products I've been loving lately


Hi everyone!

Can you believe we’re already half way through November?

I’m trying to post at least three posts this month so today I’m bringing you a round-up of 5 products that I feel have helped me a lot lately.

I’ve been trying this serum for quite a long time now and the verdict is that for its price it’s a great product. It is supposed to hydrate the skin and does that job very well. It’s a dry oil with a smell that reminds of talc and it comes in a tiny pink bottle with a pipette. I use it when I feel that my skin is begging me for extra hydration after cleansing and toning. I even use it on top of Hydraluron, or on its own. It’s quite fast-absorbing but of course, being an oil, it’s better to use it at night when it has time to sink deep into your skin. I find that after using it, I wake up in the morning to see that my skin is balanced (no redness that I can observe) and looking healthy. I would definitely recommend it!

I’m not the greatest fan of Lush, but this toner caught my eye for its reasonable price. I had seen it a couple times on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I chose the small size, as it’s affordable and travel-friendly. It’s not a miraculous product, just a normal refreshing spritz which I use to give my skin a little extra boost after cleansing. I won’t say it makes a great difference, but it certainly doesn’t do any harm and I love using it (as with all spritz toners, they’re not rocket science but a way to pamper our skin!). It is mainly made of lavender and rose water and has a very practical pump, although I prefer pumps like the one by Serozinc (but that’s an aluminium bottle!). It retails for £ 4.50 at Lush. A great a win-win.

I’ve already talked about this amazing hydrating serum on the blog before (here), so I will not go into details here. I believe it’s a great and complete product which really delivers on what it promises. Your skin feels hydrated and plumped. It can be used under any moisturizer or oil, in the morning or at night. It doesn’t interfere with your make up and is absorbed very quickly by the skin. This should be your top choice if you’re looking for a hydrating serum or a good companion to deal with dehydrated skin.

This is probably the first time you will have read anything about haircare from me. I’m not that passionate about hair, to be honest, and it’s certainly not an area of expertise. Either way, I do like to take care of my hair, not always with good results. I don’t dye it and I have never done anything crazy with it, but my hair is still dry as desert most of the time. This cream, which I apply when my hair is damp, after having washed it, does a good job of making it feel softer. It doesn’t contain those chemicals that will make your hair look like you have just come of out of the hairdresser’s and keep it in place even in a humid jungle, but if you care about green beauty products and non-aggressive ones, this one is for you. Even if you don’t have dry hair don’t be scared, it will not make your hair look greasy, I promise.

This tiny sample was a gift from Fiona and is from a brand, Ren skincare, whose products I’ve recently started to appreciate and discover. As you can tell from the name, this is a daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin and I literally fell in love with it and I’m planning to get a full-size version. It’s not as rich as the Mv Rose Soothing&Protective Moisturizer, which I reviewed here, but it’s perfect for everyday use because it creates a wonderful base for make-up and doesn’t leave any residue. I also find it to be very fast absorbing and overall a great staple in my autumn skincare routine.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know, please!

Also, thanks for helping me reach 200 on Bloglovin, thanks so much to all of you :)

I wish you all a great weekend!



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