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Cleanser round-up

Cleanser round-up


Hi everyone,

Today’s post is on cleansers and you may not know it yet, but I love cleansers and I believe they’re one of the few skincare items worth investing that little bit extra in. Not everyone will agree with me, but I found that a good cleanser can really make a difference to my routine.

These are some I’ve been using on rotation lately:

This is a mini travel size I got through the Pick and Mix service on Feel Unique. I know this balm is a lot of people’s favourite balm and I was curious to try it on myself. The smell is quite strong because of the orange, neroli and mandarin essential oils in it. The application and the texture are similar to most other balm cleansers: it melts when rubbed between the hands and glides perfectly on the face; it doesn’t sting and removes every trace of make-up well. I’ve also used it as a first cleanse in the morning and it worked fine. Doesn’t leave any greasiness and leaves the skin soft and perfectly cleansed. I had a lovely feeling after using this. It’s certainly an expensive balm so I probably won’t be purchasing a full size soon (unless I find a good offer). However, if you have normal to dry skin and want to indulge in some luxurious skincare treatment, this might be the right option for you. If you’re on the oily side, you’ll probably find this good if used as a make-up remover only, followed by a different kind of cleanser.

I bought this as a birthday treat on Cultbeauty as it was the perfect combination of price, quantity and curiosity from my side. It’s not designed for dry skin (like mine), but I’d say rather for normal to oily skin. It has a creamy, thick consistency, not too easy to rub on the face unless you use a lot of product or you emulsify it with water. In fact, it’s good to massage it on the face with some water to turn it into a milk cleanser. It has a tiny bit of glycolic acid, hence the name “glow”, which should help the daily cellular turnover. I can’t say much on this, the % is so low that it didn’t stop me from using different forms of chemical exfoliants. I like using this and would highly recommend it as an ‘every other day cleanser’ if you tend to have normal to dry skin like me, or for everyday use if you’re on the opposite side. I must say I haven’t tried to use it as a make-up remover because I think it would not only be a waste of money but also not the right cleanser to use. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.

This cleanser is something I would have never bought, hadn’t it been for the lovely Fiona, who sent me the full size as a gift. It’s a balm cleanser that comes in a luxurious white plastic tub and is supposed to be used in the morning. It could be used at night to remove make-up, as well, though I think that may be a waste of money. Just like any other balm, it melts into an oil and has to be removed with a damp flannel (for me, that is the best way, but you can also just rinse it off normally). I’ll admit the smell is slightly unpleasant! Either way the product claims to make the skin look radiant through a light exfoliation (papaya enzymes) and stimulate collagen production (carrot oil). The ingredient list is, in my opinion, not one of the greatest, but maybe that’s just me. You can see it here. It works but I wouldn’t spend that much money on it. I’d rather opt for the EH balm, mentioned earlier.

This is the cheapest cleanser of those mentioned here. I got it at my local chemist but I wasn’t familiar with the brand before. It’s a Greek brand that makes affordable skincare products with good ingredients (i.e. no parabens, silicones or mineral oils. And they even use green tea instead of water!) and which are beautifully packaged.

I usually like milk cleansers, though I prefer the creamier ones, with a thick and rich texture. This one is incredibly light and I use it on dry skin, before massaging and removing with a flannel, with no water to emulsify it, as it’s already watery. My only problem with it is that I’ve found that it irritates my eyes a bit when I use it, and that’s a great turn-off for me as I always end up with tears in my eyes! If it wasn’t for this, it’d be a great option for when I want a delicate cleanse; either way, I haven’t stop using it. This Apivita cleanser contains honey, olive and almond oil, but also some essential oils (lavender, neroli, orange) that may be the cause of irritation. However, it wouldn’t stop me from recommending this. I will certainly be trying some of their other products!

a cleanser round-upFrom the left: Eve Lom, Apivita and Pixi

Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments.

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