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3 Skincare products I’ve been using lately

3 Skincare products I’ve been using lately


Hi everyone, today I'm sharing with you a mini-review of 3 skincare products I've been using lately. I also want to say thank you to all the new (and old) Bloglovin followers, I'm amazed by the number of visits my blog got during the last week. I have no idea where all these new readers are coming from, but it's always a pleasant surprise!. Now, onto the products...

  1. La Roche Posay Serozinc

I guess most skincare-addicts have already tried this. I only got my hands on it recently because it wasn’t available in Italy until a few months ago. When I saw it at my local pharmacy I couldn’t resist and bought my €12 bottle, which is actually a bit more expensive than in the UK. This face spray is only made of zinc, an ingredient that acts as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and healing agent. For this reason, the spray is not only good for those with oily/combo skin, but for people with sensitive skin and areas of redness like me as well.

After a month of using it, I can say that I don’t feel like it has made a massive difference in my routine. I find it drying and definitely mattyfing, for this reason I think that if you have skin prone to shine you should give this a go. As for the soothing effect, I find thermal water to be more effective, though none of these products can produce miracles, as face mists are essentially water. I always like to use some kind of mist at this stage of my routine, but I never expect a huge amount.

  1. L’oréal Glow Mask

I was beyond excited when I first saw that L’oreal was launching 3 face masks. I think L’oreal has done a great job in finally taking a step toward us skincare addicts. No skincare range is a proper skincare range without a face mask and I’m glad L’oreal understood this, they definitely still have some work to do to make their skincare range more attractive to us, perhaps with a good acid toner or pads?

So, onto this mask. It’s a mask made from three types of clay, designed to cleanse. It also contains red algae extract which helps brighten the skin and with moisture retention as well. In addition, it has some apricot seeds, so when you rinse you can massage your skin for an extra physical exfoliation. I am pleased with the results I get with this: my skin is left smooth, soft, clean and does not feel tight at all. I can’t say much about the glowing effect, my skin looks good and healthy after I splash it off my face, but I’m sure you all understand that saying “glow” is perhaps a slight exaggeration. I like it and for its price this is a very good product.

  1. Niod Sanskrit Saponins

I was on the hunt for a new cleanser and I didn’t want to spend over £25 so I set my sights on this cleanser for a couple of reasons, the first being that this brand and its philosophy really intrigued me. The second was reading Arly’s review of their products, she totally convinced me to give this weirdly-named cleanser a try. The idea behind it is to cleanse the pores (not so much to get rid of makeup but dirt, bacteria and oil) in an old-fashioned way, using saponin derived from plants to deep cleanse the skin, respecting its natural pH and removing the oil but at the same time encouraging the skin to recycle them. The product comes as a paste and has to be emulsified with a tiny bit of water and then applied on the skin avoiding the eyes (it stings!).  It can even be left as a treatment for a couple of minutes. It leaves your skin feeling deeply clean and healthy, not dry, not oily but perfectly balanced. Very simple, indeed.

I will write some in-depth reviews in the future but for now I thought I’d share my impressions of these products after one month. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with these or would like to try them.

Have a lovely day everyone!



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