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5 honest tips for beginner bloggers

5 honest tips for beginner bloggers


Hi everyone,

If you’re reading this, you may have just started your own blog. Maybe you’re hoping there’s some kind of magic formula.

This post will not teach you that, firstly because I’m still learning myself and secondly because I don’t think there can possibly be a secret recipe for success (see point 4). Nevertheless, having now blogged for more than three months I want to give you some tips and thoughts on simply how to make life easier and perhaps a little more stress-free.

We’ve most likely had those same feelings, thinking it’s impossible to even get one bloglovin follower.  Today I want to share with you some of the things I’ve learnt so far in this amazing journey.

  1. The importance of self-promotion

You’ll probably know it by now if you’ve done some research. Running a blog is 20% about creating good quality content (of course this is absolutely crucial) and 80% about promoting it. Good bloggers are good at promoting their blogs and themselves. You have to do it if you want to attract people. You may well have a beautifully designed blog, but at the beginning people will not visit it, or even know it exists, if you don’t drag them there. So focus on it, create a strategy and you’ll see the number of visitors growing. Create amazing content and they will come back, get engaged and become a faithful follower. Also, do not be afraid to be slightly overzealous if you tweet about your posts, I’d say it’s okay to push the envelope. For every person that unfollows you, there are new followers to come. For this I recommend using Buffer to schedule your tweets. Make sure you use a good picture for each one of them and tag some ‘retweet’ accounts that will basically retweet your post if you tag them (but you also have to be following them!).

  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself, blogging should be fun!

When I opened my blog I had around 7 posts already set aside which made me feel calm and relaxed about the fact that I could spend the next month just doing nothing. It turned out to be a complete fail on my part because the excitement of having a blog made me publish around 2 to 3 times week which meant I quickly ran out of posts and material. I definitely think it’s key to be consistent, but at the beginning you also have to take time to figure out how to find your own schedule, so maybe something like once a week, or even less. I would suggest you take your time and don’t try and run before you can walk, you may not end up going in the direction you want to. There’s no doubt a successful blog takes time to grow, so try not to go overboard at the early stages or put too much pressure on yourself.

  1. Network with fellow bloggers

One thing I’ve really loved about blogging so far is how amazing some people are and how easy it is to build a good relationship with some girls and boys out there. I feel like a good way to do this is being active, leaving comments and not being afraid to communicate with other bloggers just as you would do with your friends. It always pays to be nice and kind too. You’ll see that many people will thank you for a comment by visiting your blog, and they may start following you and being active readers. Clearly this doesn’t happen overnight and I don’t really buy the “comment 4 comment” or “follow 4 follow” rule. I believe being genuine and honest helps, while not always expecting something in return, or you may be disappointed. Some of the most followed bloggers do not reply to comments, but many smaller ones have the same amount of passion and take the time to interact.

  1. There are no secret rules for success

Sad but true. There are lots of strategies to build your audience and gain page views but after having read hundreds (and I really mean hundreds) of articles about how to approach this, I have not come across a magic formula. What I have learned is that time, effort and dedication are key, and we know it’s not always easy. With time and experience we can increase the size of our audience and improve our content. It’s important to bear in mind that some of the most successful bloggers have been on the ‘market’ for a number of years, perhaps before blogging became as widespread as it is today, when there is definitely more ‘competition’.

  1. You should really take photos in bulk

Because taking photos is stressful isn’t it? Well for me it is, and I feel like I have no time do it except for at the weekend, when I have time to waste thinking about which flowers to put in my flat-lays and how to make something creative and unique, which stands out. Taking good photos is difficult, you don’t need excellent skills, I certainly don’t, but practice makes perfect! As you go on, you’ll learn from experience and find your own style. You also don’t need to have a super fancy and expensive camera. If you do have one, that’s great! I have an old compact camera which works perfectly for flat lays and I have no intention to splurge on a new one soon. Remember this: it’s not about the camera, it’s about the person behind it.

Hope you liked this, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I wish everyone a happy day!



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