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June Beauty Favourites

June Beauty Favourites


I only started doing “favourites of the month” a month ago and I’m already late! I hope you can cut me some slack! Here is a chance for me to share with you my thoughts on the things that brought a smile to my face this month. So here they are:

SPFs are crucial and this one has been a lovely companion over the last few weeks. Lightweight, not greasy and with a matte finish. It works well underneath foundation and comes in really pretty packaging. Its only flaws? The bottle is only 30 ml and it does not come cheap (£32/€36,90), but those are my only complaints. I’ve written a short guide on sunscreens here, it’s worth a read!

My favourite cleansing combo for the night. The jury is still out on Clarisonic. I mean, it’s one of those products that was so highly rated when it first came out that I couldn’t help but set my expectations high. I’ve been using it for more than two years, on and off, and still I can’t say if my skin would look better or worse without it. My clogged pores just seem to stay where they are, nothing seems to work! Nevertheless, the combination of these two leaves my skin soft but not dry or peeling. It just feels very clean and I love the way the Sephora Luminizing Booster Serum sinks in afterwards. I’ll keep you updated on this serum. I should add that the Good Things cleanser is very creamy, sweet-scented, hydrating and just an amazing option for those of you with delicate and/or dry skin. I would totally recommend it! This is a good piece of budget skincare and is true to the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

It feels amazing to slather this oil on my face, I love it! It’s just so great to cover my face with it, massage it thoroughly, melting every single bit of mascara and eye liner, before getting rid of it with a warm damp flannel. It’s also great if you want to give yourself a good and intense face massage (see here to find out how) though you’ll need to rinse it off when you’ve finished.

Its main oils are sunflower and olive oil, but it also contains rosehip, raspberry, passion flower and grape seeds oils. The names comes from its Vitamin C content, under the name of ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, which helps brighten your skin and mitigate the damage done by the sun.

I never thought I could find something more lush than cleansing butters but this seems to have taken the number one spot. It is also fairly cheap and a little goes a long way. Definitely recommended.

P.S. I just realised that the right way to use it is to add a bit of water and turn it into a milk. I’ll be trying it tonight and see how it goes. Having used it without water I was already very happy, so I’m not going to change my mind about it, it an amazing product.

I was lucky to get this as a present from my boyfriend, who surprised me with a hardback copy of this earlier in June. I love Sali, I love the way she talks, her haircut and her femininity. She’s the kind of woman that I’d like to be in 20 years’ time and above all, she knows her stuff when it comes to beauty because she has worked in the industry from a young age. I find this read very pleasant and interesting, she talks about her life and personal experience with make-up, skincare, dealing with rude sales associates, “beauty etiquette” and body care. The book is divided into many chapters and is a fast read, I took me hours rather than days to read. She also gives advice on brands she likes and people you should be following in the beauty community. Definitely a must read for beauty-addicts, a book I’ll be going back to very often in the future.

Hope you have an amazing start of the week!

What's your favourite beauty product of the month? Let me know.

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