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My summer morning skincare routine

My summer morning skincare routine


Hi everyone,

today I’m going to talk about my current summer morning skincare routine. It’s very simple and features some very good products I have been enjoying lately. Since we’re talking about summer, the last step is obviously an SPF. I try to use it every day, religiously, even when I know I’m not going in the sun. Without further ado, here is my routine:


I start the day by looking at my skin in the mirror. It’s the time of day when I feel my skin is in its best shape, having rested for a number of hours, and I see no redness or shine. I take a few seconds to appreciate that before it’s gone :( The first step is obviously cleansing. I could never go out without having washed my skin. Right now I’m using the Good Things Manuka Honey Cleanser, the best affordable cream cleanser I’ve tried so far. It does its job, leaves my skin soft and contains good ingredients (So no parabens, surfactants or mineral oil). I massage it thoroughly on my face and remove it with a damp tepid flannel.


I consider this step optional. As it is summer, I do not use an acid toner in the morning because they make your skin photosensitive. I made the huge mistake not following this advice last summer and ended up with a kind of eczema on my skin, thanks to AHA and the sun. Not a great experience, I now pay a lot of attention to this. I like a spritz of Thermal Water, mine is from LaRochePosay but there isn’t much difference between this one and others that are out there, from Avene and Vichy for example. I wouldn’t say that it makes a great difference, but it is supposed to soothe the skin. I leave it on my skin to let it absorb.


This is the only step that I would skip if I was in a hurry. I’m now using the Sephora Luminizing Boost, a watery, orangey-scented serum which aims to give your skin healthy-looking glow. Is it working? I’m still not sure about this, I’ve only used it for a week and will keep on using it to see what the results are. It’s very light and penetrates into the skin easily – I will keep you updated. An alternative to this is my beloved Hydraluron, previously reviewed here. It gives my skin a good boost of hydration and suits every kind of skin.


Once the serum has dried I follow up with a light moisturizer. I like using Toleriane Fluid, a good water-based daily moisturizer for normal to combination skin. It dries up quickly and leaves no residues or stickiness. I’ve previously talked about it here.


Last step before I do my make-up, which I don’t actually wear every single day. is my SPF. Right now I’m loving the Clarins Anti-Pollution SPF 50. It’s incredibly light and leaves a matte finish so make-up will sit on it perfectly, almost as if this was a primer. There are other SPFs I really love and you can find them here, where I talk about SPFs more generally and the types that are available.

That’s it! 4 simple steps to get my skin ready for the day. I’ll probably write something about my night-time skincare routine, as that’s when I take more time and steps to prepare my skin before I go to sleep.

Let me know what your morning skincare routine is right now. As always, I wish you a lovely day!


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